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Accept Credit/Debit Cards !

Accepting Debit and/or Credit Cards can help your business grow by facilitating the monetary exchange between you and your customers. Most Canadians now carry debit and/or credit cards and sometime very little cash..

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Things you should know about accepting credit cards ! Accepting credit cards is very convenient and increases impulse buying from your customers. It can, however, be quite costly pending which credit card they use. Any cash back offer or air miles or any other incentive cards are paid by you the merchant. In other words if a credit card company is offering 5% cash back (it's your cash their offering back) plus their other transaction fees etc. Non incentive credit cards can be 2 % to 3% depending on the types of credit cards used.

Also, most credit card issuers have minimums that they will charge you every month so if you're a small business just starting out, keep this in mind. Example: you only transacted $120 in sales through visa this month and their minimum is $20 in transaction fees per month and the visa rate on these transactions would have equaled 1.99%. This would only amount to $120 x 1.99%= $2.39. Therefore you would be charged an additional $17.61 to make up the difference with the minimum which means 17% of your sales went towards paying for this transaction.

Most businesses don't have to worry about this since their sales are well above the minimum requirements but if you're just starting out, keep this in mind. A better option for you might be just to accept debit cards which only cost you 6 cents per transaction irregardless of transaction amount.







What we charge our customers ?

Interchange Plus Pricing is the fairest method !



Since there is so many variations of credit card rates we feel it's disingenuous  to quote a base rate such as 1.65% (with a little asterisk that says, this  only applies to non premium cards) so we charge 1/3 of a percent above the Interchange rate. That's it, so if the interchange was at 1.60%, we will charge you  1.93%.


Interchange fees are non-negotiable fees set by the Card Brands, [Visa, MasterCard & Discover] charged to the Merchant Service Provider, and paid to the Card Issuer.


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